Friday, February 20, 2009

Chrome Dome

I, with help from Johan, shaved my head just in time for the sun to return to the ToC. If I had known that that was all it would take for the sun to appear, I would have shaved my head last year. Thanks to everyone who donated to a good cause. BTW--If you see me at the Tour, bring me a hat, I'll give props to my favorite one.

The serious business of the individual TT begins today. As usual, Astana is in the enviable GC position with five riders in the top ten. But be very afraid of Dave Z. He is supposedly, if you listen to the inside skinny, on great form and very fired up to crush the TT today. Lance Armstrong came into the race saying he would work exclusively for Levi, but now finds himself with a chance to win the overall if he does a solid TT. Rogers is also racing great in second place. This stage will be a real measure of how well Levi handles pressure with so many big names right behind him on GC.

Today is going to be the best day of racing in the history of American Cycling.


  1. Way to go! thanks for being the go to guy to help out this drive and taking up the challenge.

  2. Love the new look! Could not have been for a better cause, really!
    Will you keep this up? I think you should - get a little tan up there, the ladies will be swooning :)

  3. Agreed, a good new look for him.