Monday, February 16, 2009

Levi came, Levi saw, Levi slew the Philistines

Hats off to Levi Leipheimer for a great ride on stage 2 of the ToC. Conventional wisdom assumed that Levi could easily take one minute out of Mancebo in the TT in Solvang; but conventional wisdom does not take into account the Lance Armstrong factor. Truth be told, Levi could probably have waited for the time trial, just like last year, but Lance brings so much enthusiasm and so much good natured high spirits that Levi, to quote the man, “Went old school Bob Roll style with no rain gear, attacking for no reason.” However, in reality it was Lance that provided the team with tremendous inspiration and one can’t help but rise to the occasion, which Levi did by putting in a very impressive stomping. I have never seen Lance so at ease, excited and fired-up at the same time. His glee is apparent and contagious throughout Johan’s band of merry raiders.

Look forward to the Tour de France a bit later in the summer when Lance’s infectious crack like enthusiasm helps the whole team rise up to great heights. There was some speculation that the ToC would be the same as last year, but even with the bad weather, there is easily twice as many fans on the course and the main difference is the participation of Lance.

Welcome back Brotha!

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